“Having never ventured into the world of “soft and blurred” photography, I was surprised by the emotion, strength and feeling that Paulo Roberto manages to capture with his images. The balance he achieves in this perspective transports the observer to an inevitably subjective point of view. It permanently creates a dynamic tension in the relationship of its models to the respective scenarios.”
— Greg Gorman, (photographer), Los Angeles, USA
When looking at the photographs of my friend Paulo Roberto, I cannot help thinking «what am I doing wrong? ».
While I wander to photographing cowboys, oil fields, industrial landscapes and other mundane subjects, my Portuguese friend is dedicated to photographing beauty, celebrities, fashion and nudes. His images not only reflect intense sensuality in itself, but also the photographer’s sensibility.
Paulo Roberto does not fear the quest for unusual and uses any technique to achieve his objective: intentional shadows, selective focus and the grain of the film are just some of his tools. The personalities of their models are revealed by their gestures, which gives these photographs a quality of their own. Finally Paulo Roberto uses the light in a simple, elegant and mysterious way, which seems to characterize all his images and themes, as he intends to see them.
No, life is not fair, but in the perspective of Paulo Roberto, life is beautiful.
— Arthur Meyerson (photographer), Houston, TX, USA
There are two moments in portrait photography in Portugal: before, and after Paulo Roberto.
— Antonio Homem Cardoso (photographer), Lisboa, Portugal
If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, a picture may also worth a life. I have always envied those for whom the image was the way of communicating with the world, so that the only clic of a photographic camera was enough to capture the essence of things and people. The work of Paulo Roberto as portraitist is a book of emotions, a compendium of sensibility, a dictionary of signs and forms, a guided tour of the soul of each person portrayed.
Everything is there, composition and tone, trace and shadow, body and soul.
Light, precise, visible, and unique.
We all want to be the ones that Paulo portrayed.
And one day we will all be.
— Margarida Rebelo Pinto (writer), Lisboa, Portugal